Posted: July 19, 2007

Call for posters at the Nanoparticles for the European Industry Conference

(Nanowerk News) Institute of Nanotechnology invites abstracts for poster presentation at the second annual "Nanoparticles for the European Industry" conference and exhibition to be held at the Olympia Conference Centre, London on October 24-25, 2007.
Materials in the form of nanoparticles are already in use in a number of different industrial sectors. It is easy to see why. They can endow inexpensive support materials with advanced properties at a fraction of the price, or be used where existing technologies cannot provide a solution. The potential benefits and markets are huge, predicted to account for 31% of the global nanotechnology market in 2015 (approx. 340 billion USD p.a.). It impacts everything from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, to electronics, energy, transport, textiles, and the construction industry. However, there are still obstacles to overcome. Scaling up a laboratory process to that required by industry must take account of technical issues such as particle size ranges, agglomeration, reactivity, and dispersion into matrices. In addition, there are concerns regarding the potential effects of engineered free nanoparticles on human health and the environment.
Whether you are a manufacturer or developer of nanoparticles or simply want to know how such new materials will impact your business, will provide you with answers and contacts to leading R&D organizations.
Abstracts can now be submitted for consideration in the poster session on the three areas listed below:
Measurement, Characterisation and Standardisation;
Manufacturing Scale-up and Processing;
Regulations, Risks and Toxicology.
Abstracts should be sent to Gemma McCulloch by no later than Friday 31st August 2007: [email protected], Tel. +44 (0)1786 447520
Source: Institute of Nanotechnology
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