Posted: August 23, 2007

Nanotechnology for the hybrid-SUV generation

(Nanowerk News) Dietram Schaeufele, over at the nanopublic blog has posted a spot on commentary on the current gold rush in the U.S. to cash in on clean nanotechnologies.
"U.S. firms and Forbes's "Wolfe Nanotech Report" finally discovered what European firms have known for a while. People like saving the environment ... as long as it doesn't impact their lifestyle. And nanotechnology provides a variety of new applications for the often hypocritical Hybrid-SUV generation."
Schaeufele quotes at length from the latest Forbes/Wolfe Nanotechnology Report. Here's an interesting fact: "Potential clean-tech investors also need to be aware that foreign governments are funding their domestic clean-tech initiatives at a much faster pace than the U.S., with the Asia/Pacific region representing 38% of the pie, followed by Europe and, in third place, the U.S. That means that in addition to competing with large domestic incumbents, U.S. start-ups must also contend with foreign competitors backed by government programs. Notable examples are solar energy in Germany, fuel cells in South Korea and high-performance batteries in Japan."
Read the full commentary on the nanopublic site.
Source: nanopublic
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