Posted: August 29, 2007

Fighting the micro-nanosystems manufacturing challenges workshop

(Nanowerk News) Despite its significant market expectations for a vast area of applications, many microsystems (MST, MEMS) still face key manufacturing challenges in guaranteeing stability, robustness and associated reliability within the target working environment.
The EU Network of Excellence in Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture (PATENT-DfMM) has over the past 3 years responded to industrial requirements for developing and providing access to expertise and infrastructure in the areas of multi-level modelling, Design for Testability, Design for Reliability and Packaging Technology. Within this project, resource is now being targeted towards application driven clusters of expertise that will offer manufacturing related design services to industry, with a special emphasis on helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Together with the Europractice Technology Access Initiative INTEGRAMplus that provides industrial design, prototyping and manufacturing services based on specific silicon and polymer technologies, together with multi-domain integration platforms, PATENT-DfMM is organizing a major 4 day event (Micro & Nano Systems) from October 1-4, 2007 in Lancaster (UK).
The event aims to provide delegates with:
A forum to assess advances in the microsystems field and opportunities for uptake.
An opportunity to gain awareness of new funding opportunities within the UK and EU FP7 programmes.
Solutions for accessing technologies, engineering services and business support; on both the academic and the industrial level.
The first day is an outreach event "A New Technology for a New Industrial Era". This meeting will be of specific interest to companies who are either users or suppliers of Micro & Nano Systems or interested in engaging with this technology.
Day 2 will focus on Business Development in the Micro & Nano Systems area. New intellectual property development and methodologies associated with design and manufacture will be showcased. The day will also feature a tutorial specifically targeting Market entry, business practice and supply chain management.
The third and fourth days will address "Technical Advances in the Micro & Nano Systems field" and will focus on state-of-the-art in design and manufacturing technologies for Micro & Nano Systems. Key advances in Reliability & Test Engineering, Packaging Technologies and System Integration will be presented together with contributions from the Design Automation, Simulation and Modelling communities.
Source: Lancaster University
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