Posted: September 7, 2007

Silicon Microstructures Expands Global Sales Channel with Three New International Distributors

(Nanowerk News) Silicon Microstructures, Inc. (, a leader in silicon sensor design and manufacture, today announced the addition of three strategic distribution relationships to its international sales channel. SMI will make its sensor products available through Tect Electronics in China, Jupiter Integrated Sensor Systems in India, and TecnoSens in Italy. Each distributor will offer SMI’s full portfolio of pressure sensor products for medical, automotive, industrial HVAC and consumer applications.
The newest distributors for SMI join an international channel that already includes partners in Germany and Korea. The company’s pressure sensors range from low-pressure devices that measure human respiration to high-pressure devices designed for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and scuba diving air tanks. SMI’s longstanding expertise in pressure sensor development and production has resulted in highly stable processes that can be adapted for multiple products, while allowing rapid turnaround times. SMI offers a variety of custom adaptations of standard products in all product families including sensor dies, uncompensated sensors, and compensated sensors.
“The opportunities in the pressure sensor markets worldwide are more dynamic than ever and we are committed to support the companies that are capitalizing,” said Dirk Keck, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SMI. “We’ve strengthened our global position as leader by choosing our newest distribution partners for their knowledge of the technology and the respect they command from customers in their geographic markets.”
With the addition of Tect, SMI adds four access points in China to the company’s line of sensors. Based in Hong Kong, China, Tect will also supply customers in PuDong Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing, China. While the automotive market may offer the highest potential for SMI sensors products in the region, according Tect CEO Edward Lo, the opportunities in the rapidly growing economy also include medical and environmental applications that will contribute to the country’s improving quality of life for its citizens.
“Our partnership with SMI enables us to offer cost-effective solutions to the fast-growing Chinese market,” said Lo. “Whether it’s automotive, medical or industrial, this collaboration means our customers can design in and purchase SMI's high quality and consistently reliable array of products we are confident will exceeding their expectation on performance, price and volume delivery.”
Jupiter Integrated Sensor Systems is located in Mumbai, India, and TensoSens is based in Rome.
About Silicon Microstructures, Inc.
Founded in 1991, Silicon Microstructures (SMI) is a high-volume supplier of standard and custom pressure sensors and other micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) devices. Customers range from automotive users to medical and industrial system manufacturers requiring precision sensors. SMI’s capabilities cover all phases of design, qualification, MEMS manufacture and customer support as well as MEMS foundry services. For more information on the company visit
Source: Silicon Microstructures
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