CIC nanoGUNE has organized the second edition of its course on nanotechnology for school teachers

(Nanowerk News) CIC nanoGUNE has organized the second edition of the course on nanotechnology and its applications for secondary school teachers. The course, taught by researchers from the research centre in san Sebastian, form part of the University and Research of the Basque Government's Department of Education Garatu Programme for the continuing education of teachers.
The objective of the course are that the secondary school teachers of science and technology understand the characteristics of these technologies and their development during the 20th century and that they know the theoretical framework and basic technical tools of this science. In addition, during the course, teachers have the opportunity to know the current challenges that nanotechnology faces, its diverse applications, as well as the daily activity of researchers.
CIC nanoGUNE teaches the Second Training Course for Secondary School Teachers in Nanotechnology
The ultimate objective of the course is that the teachers can bring nanotechnologies to the classrooms through the design of adaptive modules. In the two editions held, a total of 26 secondary educations teachers had the opportunity to know the challenges and latest advances of nanotechnologies firsthand.
The course consists of 8 in-class sessions, including internships in the CIC nanoGUNE labs, in addition to 2 distance learning sessions in which the teachers must design a class on nanotechnology to be conducted with their students.
In the teaching of the material, in addition to nanoGUNE researchers, Pedro Miguel Etxenike, President of nanoGUNE and the Donostia International Physics Center, and Ricardo Díez Muiño, director of Materials Physics Center Joint Center CSIC-UPV/EHU.
NanoGUNE is already designing the next edition of the course which will be held during January and February of 2013 and in which the nanoBasque Agency will also participate by contributing a vision of the application and use of nanotechnology by companies in the Basque Country.
Source: Nano Basque
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