Slow release technology helps aromatic fragrance industry

(Nanowerk News) Responding to local producers and exporters of aromatic potpourri requests, researchers at NANOTEC NanoMolecular Sensor Laboratory have found a way to develop coating and encapsulate technique for fragrance molecules that will result in extending the potpourri scent without leaving any stain.
"Fragrance from potpourri generally last for only 1 month in 30 degree Celsius environment. By utilizing the slow-released technology helps to prolong the scent for up to 2 months at the temperature of 30 degree Celsius" said Dr. Gamolwan Tumcharern, Head of NanoMolecular Sensor Lab. "The ability to do encapsulation and coating helps to keep the molecule intact and extend the aromatic fragrance of the potpourri for an additional time. This is vital advantage for the local aromatic industry".
The control of the extension and release of potpourri scent is scientifically calculated using Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) thermogram technique under 50 degrees Celsius for up to 3 hours. Extending aromatic fragrance is vital when it comes to exporting the aromatic potpourri to overseas clients.
Local healthcare and beautification exporting companies are using the technology as a marketing tool to increase product value and expand global markets in Japan, Europe and North America.
Increasing the export of goods is important to increasing national GDP and helps strengthen economic development. By being able to extend self life of a specific export product using nanotechnology, local companies can adapted and apply the know-how to other industrial sectors such as agricultural, medical, perfume, and cosmeceuticals.
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