Posted: December 21, 2007

Workshop on cross industry issues for nanomanufacturing

(Nanowerk News) A workshop on Cross Industry Issues for Nanomanufacturing will be held on February 26-28, 2008 at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, MD. The objectives of the workshop are to establish a framework to enable cross-fertilization and identification of best practices, to utilize currently available science and technology to improve manufacturing practices and performance of nano-containing products, and to define collaborative research programs specific to nanotechnology that cross industries, government, and academia and create an agenda. The approach is to find similar problems and potential solutions within widely different industries.
The workshop will focus on three areas:
Surfaces/Interfaces/Non-bonded Interactions of Nanomaterials
Nano-enabled Composites and Matrices
Characterization, Separation and Fractionalization for Quality Control and Consistency of Nanomaterials
The number of attendees will be limited to facilitate interactions, but the organizing committee has made a number of invitations available for interested scientists. Selection will be based on scientific interest and expertise, with the goal of having participants from a wide range of institutions and technical interests.
Those interested in receiving additional information about the workshop or requesting an invitation to attend should contact Betsy Davies at the American Forest & Paper Association ([email protected]). Requests for an invitation to attend must be received by February 1, 2008.
Source: Hercules Incorporated
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