Posted: January 8, 2008

Nanotechnology and food safety

(Nanowerk News) Only five years old but an institution… The food safety responsibles meet again at the “KALS (Karlsruher Lebensmittelsymposium)” The topic at the “expert day” this year will be “Nanotechnology (Nano4Food)”.
Do we have to pay attention to potential risks of nanoparticles, if we eat them? It will be gathered, what is possible (e.g. flavour encapsulation; nutrient addition), we discuss risks (e.g. allergy potentials) and consumer opinion (consumer inquiry by BfR). A Round-table discussion at the end of this day tries to summarize and to frame an opinion.
At the secondary day of the symposion German retailers give evidence to their requirements in case of product safety. The general manager of the International Food Standard answers questions according to the version 5 of the certification standard and first-class experts summarize the legal news in food safety.
The exhibitions “Practical solutions for food safety” and “BIO to retail”, a vespertine Get-together and lots of possibilities to conversate make a go of the annual event. The symposion will be held in german but could be translated, if desired! Registration at [email protected]
Food Production Quality Service of Micromol GmbH is a leading and highly accepted expert consultancy-team. Based in Karlsruhe, Germany, we have branch offices near Münster and Aschaffenburg and a base near Amsterdam, Netherlands and one in Poland. Our expert network covers all parts of the food chain throughout Europe. We offer professional excellence for optimum solutions. Our consultants have over 10 years of experience in HACCP, management consultancy and training. We convince our clients with competence.
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Source: MicroMol GmbH
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