Posted: April 10, 2008

European Science Foundation conference on nanomedicine

(Nanowerk News) The European Science Foundation (ESF) in 2003-2005 undertook a Forward Look on Nanomedicine, defining the current status and future prospects in this new and important emerging field (report published in December 2005, available from ).
The 2006 Nanomedicine Conference was the first in a series of biannual in-depth meetings that brought together academic and industrial scientists, regulators and policy makers to foster cross-fertilization in this emerging multi-disciplinary field.
The 2008 Nanomedicine Conference to be held in Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain on September 19-24, 2008, is the natural evolution of that road bringing together a diversified public in order to integrate converging science in the biomedical applications using nanotechnology. Nanomedicine in its consensus definition established by a broad group of experts within the ESF initiatives brings together different areas that will be reflected on the Conference Sessions covering the following topics:
  • Molecular and Patient Imaging
  • Regulation of Medicines, Diagnostics & Devices
  • Innovation in Materials Science
  • Nanotoxicology & Cellular Fate
  • Characterisation of Nanostructures & Surfaces
  • Nanopharmaceuticals in Research & Development
  • Diagnostics, Biosensors & Surgical Tools
  • Ethical Issues
  • Clinical Applications
  • This meeting series has been established to encourage interdisciplinary exchange at the leading edge of all aspects of nanomedicine research and its development into clinical practice. Participation is limited to 150 delegates and applications to attend are particularly welcome from academics, clinicians and industrialists working in, or wishing to, enter this new and exciting field. Participation of those interested in the regulation of nanomedicine development and use, and the ethical and societal issues, are also welcome. To ensure lively discussion cross-discipline all delegates and speakers are requested to attend the whole meeting. There will be no publication of abstracts to enable exchange of the very latest data.
    The plenary and main lecture sessions will be held in the mornings and evenings. This will leave afternoons free for networking and poster sessions.
    Source: European Science Foundation
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