Posted: April 20, 2008

Iran holds 2nd international nanotechnology congress

(Nanowerk News) Iran will hold the second international congress on nanoscience and nanotechnology to discuss implementation of nanotechnology in industry.
Organized by the Iranian Nanotechnology Society (INS) and the University of Tabriz, the congress offers an open forum for presentation and discussion of recent research results for industrial applications.
The second International Congress on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2008 (ICNN2008) also offers an occasion for international scientists to meet and examine the advancements made in the field of nanotechnology.
During the three-day congress, the participating scientists and experts will review nano-biotechnology, nano-composites, nano-electronics and mechanics, nano-medicine, nano-photonics, nano-scale characterization, nano-scale fabrication, nano-structured materials, nano-sensors and the social impact of nanotechnology.
The second international congress on nanoscience and nanotechnology will run from October 28 to 30, 2008 in Iran's northwestern city of Tabriz.
Source: Press TV
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