Posted: May 4, 2008

Announcing a special issue on progress in software and microelectronic technologies

(Nanowerk News) The past decades have witnessed a fast increasing demand of various Internet applications, which work in the open and dynamic Internet environment and enable people to share and utilize various kinds of resources such as computing power, data, software, and services. The Internet applications bring great challenges to both microelectronics and software technologies that are the two indispensable cornerstones of information technology: microelectronics is the foundation of all hardware devices, and software has the role of controlling those devices to function correctly and serve the users effectively. Much progress has been made in recent years both in software and microelectronics technologies. Being active in the research community, many Chinese scientists have also made significant contributions to these two promising fields.
In order to report the latest advancements in these two fields, Science in China Series F: Information Sciences (Vol. 51, issue 6, 2008) plans to arrange a special issue of papers addressing topics on software and microelectronics research progress in China.
Topics include: Methods and Technologies for Internetware, Methods and Technologies for High Confidence Software Production, Novel Nano-Scale Devices and Processes, SONC Technology and other topics of contemporary interest. While only a limited number of 15 papers can be selected for this special issue, the journal sees this as an invitation to attract more submissions in the fields of software and microelectronics to Science in China Series F: Information Sciences in an effort to drive the continuing development of innovations.
For more details on the journal, please go to or If you have any suggestions to the Editor-in-Chief, you are welcome to email the journal editorial office at [email protected], or call +86 10 64015683.
Source: Science in China Press
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