Posted: May 30, 2008

Workshop: Green nanotechnologies conquer construction

(Nanowerk News) Green nanotechnology allows sustainable construction. This is the theme of one day workshop in Copenhagen. The workshop takes place in connection with this years Nanotech Northern Europe Conference (NTNE), the largest annual nanotech conference in Europe. The participants in the workshop will share experiences and find new prospects for sustainable construction with the help of nanotechnology.
The event will take place on September 25th at Bella Centre in Copenhagen.
Exploring the considerable opportunities for eco-innovation in the construction sector, the workshop will focus on the emergent applications of green nanotechnologies in building activities. The event is a unique opportunity to bring together nanoscientists and different stakeholders from the construction sector to discuss technology developments and find potential applications and new business solutions.
The workshop features a series of selected presentations from the perspective of businesses and science, covering a wide variety of topics such as smart windows, green cement, self-cleaning materials, high-performance insulation materials, solutions for indoor climate, health and risk related issues, and more.
Attendees invite you to bring a poster or a product along for our two “show and tell” networking sessions. Deadline for poster/product is August 20. To register for the conference and/or submit a poster, please go to the NTNE link: You may also register for all three days of the NTNE conference and visit other event themes, such as “electronics”, “safety” and “energy”.
The workshop is hosted by GNNC (Green Nordic Nanocon), a project financed by Nordic Innovation Centre. More information:

Maj Munch Andersen

DTU Management Engineering, +4546775125

email [email protected]

Source: Green Nordic NanoCon (hat tip to Nanoforum)
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