Posted: July 17, 2008

Two open PhD positions in nanotechnology projects in Portugal

(Nanowerk News) Prof. Vasco Teixeira's group at the University of Minho in Portugal is looking for 2 young researchers (PhD students) with expertise and experience in the development of nanostructured materials for integration in nano-biosensors that are under development within a nanotechnology project in progress at their research center.
PhD position 1
Related to project ref: FCT-INL-2008-“NanoMeDiag- Nanobioanalytical platforms for improved medical diagnosis of infections caused by pathogen microorganisms”. The aim of the project is to develop a low-cost high-performance nanobased multianalyte device for detection of pathogenic microorganisms in different types of samples. The active part of the biosensing platform will consist on a convenient biofunctionalized nanoestructured surface where specific biomolecular recognition reactions will be detected by means of optical/electrical transducing principles.
PhD position 2
Related to project ref: FCT-INL-2008-“NANOPACKSAFER: NANO-engineered PACKaging systems for improving quality, SAFEty and health characteristics of foods”. This proposal aims at developing nanotechnology-based food protection strategies by providing active packaging systems (through nanoengineered inorganic films and/or nanoparticles) which will proactively act to maintain or even to increase food quality, safety and health impact of foods from production to consumption.
Job Description
The Physics Centre of Universidade do Minho (CFUM) is deeply involved in innovative multidisciplinary research in the field of nanotechnology, focused on the development of nanodevices and bio-nanosensors. The nanotechnology projects aim to develop innovative nano-based devices to be used for medical diagnostics and nanoengineering food packaging, in accordance with the some of the main strategic objectives defined for the recent International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) Project Calls. The INL is supporting high level R&D activity in selected Spanish and Portuguese research centres through research funding coming from both governments.
We are seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate to work on our funded Nanotechnology Projects. The selected young research, with excellent research record is expected to develop advanced 2D and 3D nanostructured materials for a successful integration in the innovative nanodevices and bio-nanosensors under development within the frame of the nanotechnology projects.
To perform this research, the successful candidate will collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of researchers from several groups. In particular, the contracted young PhD student is expected to have expertise and should participate in one or more of the specific research directions:
i) nanostructured vacuum-deposited thin films, nanomorphologies obtained by the use of patterned light excitation to control photo-activated processes and nanoparticles;
ii) nanomaterials for nanomedicine applications, such as nanodevices for diagnostic of infections caused by pathogens organisms.
The successful applicant must be prepared to collaborate effectively in the framework of the above research projects and to conduct both hands-on research and programme planning efforts towards the nanoscale materials design, nanofabrication, and advanced chemical-physical characterization of advanced nanostructured materials to be incorporated in the novel nanodevices and bionanosensors.
The candidate should have:
  • a Master degree in Applied Physics, Micro/Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Chemistry or similar areas, with a very strong academic record.
  • minimum of 1 year of experimental RD activity during his master experience.
  • strong skills in materials science and technology of nanoscale architectures, evidenced through high quality publications and participation in related research projects. Candidates with experience in advanced nanofabrication techniques such as nanoimprint lithography or nanoparticle synthesis will be also considered an important asset.
  • interest in collaborative work at the interface of nanoscience, engineering, and bionanotechnology.
  • a good knowledge of spoken and written English.
  • availability to spend short stays abroad at research institutes involved in the projects.
  • Benefits
  • Salary-grant according to national science and technology ministry rules (see: )
  • Accident insurance
  • Possibility to travel to conferences/project seminars and short stays in some european labs and industries listed in the project consortia.
  • Cooperation with a highly motivated and very dynamic international research team.
  • Required Research Experiences
  • 1 to 3 years of RD experience (it includes Master period)
  • A special preference will be also given for candidates who have worked in RD funded projects.
  • A substantial good number of papers already published in international per-reviewed journals should be clear in your CV.
  • Please provide names, contact information and email of 2 scientists/professors that can confirm your experience (can be the same names from the recommendation letters)
  • Required skills
    Experience in physically vapour deposition, nanofabrication techniques, materials science of nanostructured thin films, nanoparticles, advanced surface analysis techniques
    Further Requirements
  • A first selection will be made, on the basis of the CV and recommendation letters.
  • During our doctoral programme which aims to prepare highly motivated students for high-level leadership in applied research and development careers in academia and industry, the candidate will have a one year of advanced courses, seminars and tutorials.
  • Every 6 months candidate should write a full progress report submitted to his supervisor (Prof. Vasco Teixeira and the corresponding co-supervisor).
  • Candidates should be proactive in writing high quality scientific papers (demonstrated by his CV).
  • Due to multidisciplinary nature of the referred ongoing nanotechnology projects, the candidate will be working primarily in our research centre (CFUM), but will be required to engage in extensive working with at research centres belonging to the projects consortia, including, e.g. the clean-room nanofabrication and nanomaterials characterization facilities at our partners labs and INL.
  • Application deadline by email
    September 1, 2008. After this deadline it is also possible to apply as expression of intention
    Contact information:

    Prof. Vasco Teixeira

    University of Minho


    [email protected]

    More info about the RD projects:

    Source: Prof. Teixeira, University of Minho
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