Posted: August 20, 2008

Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies launches RUSNANO brand

(Nanowerk News) “Today we are about to make an important step on the way of our development: we are launching our brand”, said Leonid Melamed, Director General of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies. “The team has already been created, the strategy has been outlined, and the procedures for considering and financing the projects have been arranged. Now the Corporation has acquired its own corporate style”.
RUSNANO brand conveys our main principles: the Corporation is oriented towards innovations, transparency and commercial goals possessing the reliability and expertise of a state development institution.
The decision to select an agency for the brand development was made through an open tender. There were 15 inventive proposals of major Russian and foreign creative agencies. The best one was the concept of Differ, an agency based in Sweden. Their concept The Globe of Opportunities is based on the idea of symbiosis of science, business and society.
The symbol of the RUSNANO logotype is a globe, a symbol worthy, a future world leader. Using the three primary colors that can be endlessly combined – representing science, business and society – it communicates the infinite possibilities of nanotechnology, and of RUSNANO, in Russia and the world.
Creative mixture of interacting elements, representation of excitement and energy are in balance with strong typography of RUSNANO; this type is officially allowed for use together with the corporate name approved by law (Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, RCNT). Short and simple name RUSNANO lends stability and validity to the logo; it indicates the Russian origin of the Corporation and its main activity, being expressive and convenient for use in international practice.
“We are pleased to note that Differ took part in the development of the Russian nanotechnology initiative. Defining the concept of the RUSNANO brand, we wanted to create a modern and innovative logo, a visual identity that reflects the unique position of the Corporation in the world of nanotechnologies. We share the desire of the Corporation to link RUSNANO brand with the leadership of Russia in the world nanoindustry”, says Benoit Fallenius, Director General of Differ.
“The Corporation represents Russia at the international innovations market; therefore, we have set high requirements to the logo. We must meet international standards in all aspects of our activity, including our outer image. The creation of the corporate image is over, and now our task is to implement the brand. We have a challenging task - the promises of RUSNANO must become a reality. I can say that the atmosphere in the corporation, our approach to work, our ability to conduct a dialogue with partners fully comply with the selected concept”, says Denis Kusenkov, head of the Department of Corporate Communications.
About Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies
The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, RUSNANO, was established by the Russian Government to encourage the development of nanotechnology in the world and to strengthen Russia’s position in this field.
RUSNANO’s task is to propeller innovation and commercialization of research, to create an infrastructure dedicated to the promotion of potential nanotechnology and nanoindustry projects. Acting as a financial enabler and co-investor it assists businesses by sharing the development risk of nanotechnology projects with high commercial and societal return.
RUSNANO finances education, infrastructure, scientific research and development projects that are required for its investment projects to succeed, and also supports the popularization of nanoscience and nanotechnology. RUSNANO always pays required attention to health, safety and environmental aspects of nanotechnology.
The RUSNANO universe consists of actors from all over the world: businesses, universities, institutions, industry organizations and other national/regional initiatives. RUSNANO sees as an important task also to initiate and take part of international collaborations, aiming to inspire and promote the nanotechnology discussion on a global scale.
Source: Rusnano
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