Posted: October 2, 2008

New book explores nanotechnology and its potential health and environmental risks

(Nanowerk News) Arcadis, an international environmental and engineering services consulting firm, announced today Kate Sellers, P.E., a principal environmental engineer in the Lowell, MA office, edited and co-authored the new publication Nanotechnology and the Environment, published by CRC Press.
Nanotechnology and the Environment, the third book that Ms. Sellers has authored, reveals the depth and scope of her knowledge of this revolutionary field. The book includes a general explanation of the properties, manufacture and uses of nanomaterials to provide the basis for assessing and understanding their life cycle. It also explores the possible risks that nanomaterials pose to human health and the environment, describes developing regulations around the world to manage those risks, and presents a framework for evaluating the balance between risk and reward as nanomaterials are manufactured, used and released to the environment. Nanotechnology and the Environment also investigates the apparent paradox of using nanomaterials in environmental remediation.
Ms. Sellers divides her practice between resolving environmental problems resulting from historical industrial practices, and exploring emerging environmental issues and their solutions. Both areas entail a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving; ability to synthesize and clearly communicate information; and a recognition of the need to balance regulatory imperatives with clients' business priorities. Ms. Sellers has published three books: Fundamentals of Hazardous Waste Site Remediation (CRC Press, 1999), Perchlorate: Environmental Problems and Solutions (CRC Press, 2007; editor and co-author), and Nanotechnology and the Environment (CRC Press, 2008; editor and co-author).
"The goal of this book is to demystify occupational and environmental concerns about intentionally manufactured nanomaterials based on the current state of the science," said Ms. Sellers. "Nanotechnology is as old as the medieval glass blowers and as new as today's headlines. Nanotechnology changes how we think about material science: gold particles appear purple, carbon can conduct electricity, and the old rules about the environmental fate and toxicity of chemical substances may not apply. Given the astonishing range of new products that contain nanomaterials, it is vital that we explore their human health and environmental implications."
Arcadis is an international company providing consultancy, engineering and management services in infrastructure, environment and buildings, to enhance mobility, sustainability and quality of life. Arcadis develops, designs, implements, maintains and operates projects for companies and governments. With more than 13,500 employees and more than $2 billion in gross revenue, the company has an extensive international network that is supported by strong local market positions.
Source: Arcadis
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