Posted: October 15, 2008

Nano hamburgers, hot lips, and other cool nanotechnology images

(Nanowerk News) Here is another set of cool images from the world of micro- and nanotechnology. The 34th International Conference on Micro and Nanoengineering (MNE08) has announced the micro- and nanograph contest winners of this year's conference held in Athens, Greece, from September 15-18. Here are the winners. See all images at the conference website.
nano burgers with lettuce
First Prize: Nano Burgers with Lettuce MEMS processing never stops giving surprises to designers. These vertical test structures, built with three metal layers, have turned into hamburgers. Image: Jordi Liobet (CSIC, Barcelona, Spain) and Laura Barrachina (Baolab, Barcelona, Spain).
hot lips
Second Prize: Hot Lips. At the tip of the free-standing V-shape ribbon, thin films were detached from each other due to high internal stress. Image: Li Zhang (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
moon over palamidi
Third Prize: Moon over Palamidi. When intercalating lithium-ion into bulk silicon, the expansion of the host material is tremendous and influences the creation of features with carious shapes: volcanoes, rifts... Image: Frans Holthuysen (Philips Research Labs, Eindhoven, The Nertherlands)
Most Bizarre Micrograph
Most Bizarre Micrograph: An EUV Mask Costs What?. HPR504 resist surface following exposure to an AR ion beam. Image: Harry van Esch and Falco van Delft (Philips Research, MiPlaza)
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