Posted: December 9, 2008

EU funded nanoICT Coordination Action publishes two nanotechnology position papers

(Nanowerk News) The 13th issue of the E-Nano newsletter from the EU funded nanoICT Coordination Action contains two position papers corresponding to the Working Groups on carbon nanotubes, coordinated by Bill Milne (University of Cambridge, UK), and modelling at the nanoscale, coordinated by Massimo Macucci (IU.NET & University of Pisa, Italy), areas currently very active worldwide. Both are open papers, contributions to them are welcome.
The first position paper summarizes state-of-the art CNTs dependent on the nature of the desired end-structure but also possible electrical, electronic and photonic applications of carbon nanotubes.
The second position paper provides an analysis of the current status of modelling for nanoscale information processing and storage devices in Europe and a comparison with that in the rest of the world.
Expected impact of initiatives such as these nanoICT contributions to the E-Nano Newsletter is to enhance visibility, communication and networking between specialists in the field, facilitate rapid information flow, look for areas of common ground between different technologies and therefore shape and consolidate the European research community.
In addition, these documents will provide focus and accelerate progress in identified R&D directions and priorities for the “nanoscale ICT devices and systems” FET program (Framework Programmes 7 and 8) and guide public research institutions, keeping Europe at the forefront in research.
NanoICT position papers aim also to be a valid source of guidance for the semiconductor industry (roadmapping), providing the latest developments in the field of emerging nanoelectronic devices that appear promising for future take up by the industry.
Contact Information
Questions and contributions regarding WG on carbon nanotubes, please contact: wgnanotubes(at)
Questions and contributions regarding WG on modelling at the nanoscale, please contact: wgmodelling(at)
Questions regarding the nanoICT project, please contact: Dr. Antonio Correia (Project Coordinator): antonio(at)
About Phantoms Foundation
This Non-Profit organisation was established on November 26, 2002 (Madrid, Spain) in order to provide high level Management profile to scientific projects. This association plays an important role in the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes as a platform for European funded projects (Pico-Inside, nanoICT & nanomagma) to spread excellence amongst a wider audience, and to help in forming new networks. This Association is now a key actor in structuring and fostering European Excellence in “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology”, having a world leading position in organising conferences, training and dissemination activities in this field.
Source: Phantoms Foundation
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