Posted: February 4, 2009

Nanotechnology video contest

(Nanowerk News) ACS Nanotation, the free online nanoscience and nanotechnology resource from the American Chemical Society, is sponsoring a video contest to answer the question, “What is Nano?”
In the past few decades, nanoscience and nanotechnology has emerged from the research labs and into our common world. We see the word "nano" in newspapers and magazines, in labels for cosmetics and trousers and baseball bats, in advertisements for movies and books, along with its use in journal articles, grant proposals, and research labs. The concept of "nano" has captured the interest and excitement of researchers and science-enthusiasts alike, but the question remains – what is "nano"? How is "nano" best visualized? How do you explain it to your friends, your co-workers, your younger brother, your students, or your funding agency? What has contributed to the recent "nano" revolution? Where is "nano" headed?
Videos have already been submitted. Send in your ideas in the form of an original creative video under three minutes and you could win $500 in cash!
Entrants are encouraged to submit their videos early, since early submissions will have the best chance to accumulate a greater number of online votes.
Submit a video or vote for your favorite by visiting
Source: ACS Publications
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