Posted: February 23, 2009

CEA-Leti and Brewer Science create a common laboratory for New 3-D stacking and MEMS process flows

(Nanowerk News) Léti and Brewer Science, Inc. signed a common lab agreement to combine their expertise in integration and materials into ultra-thin wafer processing flows for 3 Dimensional Packaging using Brewer Science temporary adhesives. They are also collaborating in the development of photosensitive and non-photosensitive coatings for MEMS manufacturing processes.
A strengthened collaboration
In October 2007, Léti and Brewer Science began the integration of WaferBond™ materials into 3-D chip stacking process flows to achieve reliable, user friendly processes for ultra-thin wafer handling and processing. These products are of great interest in the creation of TSV’s. At the end of 2008, the first full integration process was successfully completed.
“We have, in a very limited time, achieved and characterized Unity Aspect Ratio vias on seventy microns thick wafers” says Nicolas Sillon, the Head of the Laboratory for advanced packaging and 3-D integration at Léti. “The developed technology based on WaferBond™ materials will accelerate the 3-D chip stacking projects we have at Léti. WaferBond™ materials have already been included in 3-D functional demonstrators delivered to key Léti partners. The results we presented at the 10th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference EPTC last December in Singapore are a world premiere” he added.
“The partnership with Léti has been extremely beneficial in achieving these successes”, says Tony Flaim, Chief Technology Officer at Brewer Science, Inc. “Léti works as a true partner, so we have jointly decided to strengthen and extend our collaboration in the framework of a 3-year, common lab.” Under this agreement, leading edge Brewer Science specialty products will be used in 3-D integration and MEMS process flows.
More functionality, less space, lower cost
Focus will be on development and integration of photosensitive and non-photosensitive coatings into MEMS manufacturing processes, where high aspect ratios are mandatory, and on organic coating layers for advanced KrF and ArF photoresist processes. “Introducing advanced, tailored products will provide a very competitive advantage in the development of innovative technologies for MEMS, their packaging and their integration--the key core competencies of our department” adds André Rouzaud, Deputy VP Microsystems at Léti.
“3-D Packaging is becoming the next enabler in the industry’s quest to achieve more functionality in less space for lower cost”, asserts Lori Nye, Executive Director Marketing at Brewer Science. “And, new MEMS technologies provide automated interaction with the environment around us.” The expanded effort between Léti and Brewer Science in the common lab will facilitate new breakthroughs.
Source: CEA-Léti
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