Posted: March 1, 2009

Social inclusion and engagement on nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology will have a strong local future if industry and community can agree on the type of technologies that should be adopted, according to one of a number of findings from a nanotechnology report released last week by Australian Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr.
The report is based on a workshop on social inclusion and engagement on nanotechnology held in Canberra in December.
"This workshop and subsequent report demonstrate the power of big ideas for small and exciting technologies," Senator Carr said.
"In particular it has found the pressing need for increased dialogue between interest groups.
"Industries of the future will be based on the convergence of nanotechnology with biotechnology, information technology and cognitive technologies all of which will have a significant impact across our economy and society.
"The Government will continue to work hard to facilitate this dialogue between researchers, industry and the general public."
The report shows that different interest groups sometimes have strongly differing perspectives on the adoption of new technologies. It also shows how it is possible for different voices to come together.
"The Rudd Government is committed to supporting the development of new technologies that benefit Australia and we are committed to protecting the health and safety of Australians. We must foster informed community debate," Senator Carr said.
Source: Australian Government
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