Posted: March 19, 2009

Nanotechnology SME Coalition expands membership categories

(Nanowerk News) The growth and development of nanotechnology now includes a broad range of companies engaged in the production and use of nanoscale materials. Nanotech startups and other companies associated with nanotechnology have expanded their products and services to support this highly visible scientific field. The SOCMA Nanotechnology SME Coalition has expanded its membership categories to include these new companies and provide a broader industry group that actively keeps abreast of the changing regulatory atmosphere surrounding nanotechnology.
One new membership category is for nanotech startups which will boost chemical industry growth as they move from venture-backed research operations to fully developed private and public companies. As new nanoscale products are developed and regulatory agencies increase their activity, startups will face challenges in safety when bringing these products to the marketplace. In fact, one of the drivers for TSCA reform is nanotechnology.
There are many other companies that have interests in the business of nanotechnology but do not specifically produce or use nanomaterials. These companies are eligible to join as associate members and, as such, may participate in all meetings, conference calls and SOCMA Nanotechnology SME Coalition events as well as offer their input to comments, position papers or presentations that the Coalition may prepare. Companies that would qualify as associate members include, but are not limited to, consultants, law firms, laboratories, research organisations and other industry trade groups.
A reduced dues rate is now in place for both of these new categories of members.
Source: Pharmaceutical Business Review
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