Posted: March 23, 2009

EuroNanoForum 2009 - nanotechnology for sustainable economy

(Nanowerk News) EuroNanoForum 2009 is the fourth conference of a set of international nanotechnology conferences organized within the framework of national Presidencies of the European Union. It will be a 4-day conference taking place from 2nd to 5th of June 2009, at the Prague Congress Centre, as an official event of the Czech Presidency, under the auspices of the Czech Ministry for Education Youth and Sports and with the support of the Industrial Technologies Programme of the European Commission.
Focusing on “Nanotechnology for sustainable economy”, EuroNanoForum 2009 will address the contribution and challenges of nanotechnology research for a sustainable development of European industry and society, such as the need for reduction in carbon emissions and fossil fuels dependence, the substantial increase in energy demand, pollution control, clean water management and sustainable quality of life of the European citizen, as well as material production sustainability and efficiency. In this respect, nanotechnology presents many opportunities and challenges that have to be analyzed at international level through a safe, responsible and integrated approach, as first presented by the ENF2003 conference.
By addressing the state-of-the art of key application areas of nanotechnology research and development, the Forum will create a unique opportunity for researchers and industrial experts coming from diverse fields of science and technology to meet, discuss and co-operate, and to contribute to the definition of a European nanotechnology strategy after 2009.
In addition to the different sessions, the thematic workshops, and the poster exhibition with award attribution, an industrial exhibition will show the state-of-the-art of the implementation of nanotechnology into industrial products.
The EuroNanoForum 2009 conference will also be accompanied by an independent and unique set of outreaching and communication activities devoted to the general public.
A roadshow exhibition of the NanoTruck on the theme "High-tech from NanoCosmos – a world of minute proportions”, will demonstrate the potential applications of nanotechnologies and their socio-economic impact.
Source: EuroNanoForum
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