TAPPI launches NANO360 newsletter covering global sustainable nanomaterials industry

(Nanowerk News) The premier issue of NANO360, the only newsletter dedicated to global developments in nanotechnology from renewable and sustainable materials, has been launched by TAPPI. NANO360, the official newsletter of TAPPI's International Nanotechnology Division, will cover news, resources, research, and technology of nanocellulose and other renewable materials.
“The global market for products using nanotechnology could reach an estimated $1 trillion by 2015 with wood products potentially accounting for 20%,” notes TAPPI President & CEO Larry N. Montague. “TAPPI’s Nanotechnology Division serves as a platform for helping this growing industry respond to the rapidly changing field of nanotechnology, especially as commercialization develops. NANO360 will be a key resource for professionals interested in all aspects of this fast-paced field.”
“NANO360 will keep you up to speed on all that is going on in this dynamic industry by highlighting new research, publications, reports, and events going on around the world in sustainable nanotechnology,” comments Division Chair Sean Ireland, Verso Paper Corp. “Our focus will be on nanocellulose, but not exclusively, and we welcome and encourage contributions from others working with renewable materials.”
A range of topics and types of information will be covered including: nanocellulose and other nanomaterial research, newly published reports, new peer-reviewed publications, resources such as peer-approved databases, Nanotechnology Division activities, websites and other tools and global nanocellulose news.
The mission of TAPPI’s International Nanotechnology Division is to serve as the leading global forum for the community of individuals, organizations and institutions seeking to collectively advance the responsible and sustainable production and use of renewable nanomaterials.
TAPPI is the leading association for the worldwide pulp, paper, packaging and converting industries and publisher of Paper360° and TAPPI JOURNAL. Through information exchange, events, trusted content and networking opportunities, TAPPI helps members elevate their performance by providing solutions that lead to better, faster and more cost-effective ways of doing business. It has provided management training and networking to the industry’s leaders for more than 97 years. Visit www.tappi.org.
Source: TAPPI
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