CIC nanoGUNE will collect opinions on nanotechnologies by means of a game

(Nanowerk News) On November 22, CIC nanoGUNE will become part of the European Commission’s PlayNano project, an initiative to debate by means of a game, the fundamental challenges which nanoscience presents and collect the opinions of society to advise community authorities on how to orientate public policies on research in this field.
The encounter, which will be open to the public and within the framework of the activities of Science Week, consists of a board game organised by groups led by a facilitator. The work groups will debate the content of informative cards common to all European citizens who participate in the initiative.

The game deals with substantial aspects of nanoscience, like the opportunity for social progress and economic development, but at the same time, it analyses the possible impact when stressing the economic difference between those countries which are committed to investing in science and those which do not or cannot.
The project lies within the framework of the European Commission’s “PlayDecide” programme and intends to stimulate the use of conversation games and new formats of debate in European cities for the development of a scientific culture. The conclusions of the debate groups in all the participating European countries will be placed on the project web platform.
The event to be held at CIC nanoGUNE is organised by the centre itself as well as Donostia International Physics Center, Euskampus and the nanoBasque agency, under the authority of the Sociedad de Promoción y Reconversión Industrial (SPRI), in charge of the implementation of the Basque Country’s strategy in nanoscience, micro and nanotechnology diversification.
Source: nanoBasque
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