UAlbany NanoCollege joins IBM's "Pre-T0" Joint Development Alliance for nanoelectronics

(Nanowerk News) Further reinforcing Governor Andrew Cuomo’s innovation-driven strategy to establish New York as the global hub for next-generation nanotechnology research, IBM and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) of the University at Albany announced today that CNSE has been selected to join IBM’s “Pre-T0” Joint Development Alliance, which targets the development of advanced nanoelectronics processes and devices to enable applications ranging from laptops and smart phones to home appliances, advanced sensors, and energy-efficient computer servers.
“This new alliance between IBM and CNSE strongly supports our strategy of expanding university-industry partnerships to drive innovation and economic development across New York,” said Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. “Because of the pioneering work of the NanoCollege, New York has fast become the global center for nanotechnology research and advanced manufacturing, drawing leading international semiconductor companies, thousands of good paying jobs, and billions in private investment.”
“In an increasingly competitive global marketplace that demands an open and collaborative model to drive innovation, IBM’s partnership with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering has played a critical role in enabling advanced nanoscale technologies,” said Dr. John E. Kelly, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research. “Harnessing CNSE’s intellectual assets and technological resources will further strengthen the alliance and serve to accelerate its efforts to push the boundaries of leading-edge discovery and technology commercialization, leading to further economic benefits and job creation in New York.”
“In accordance with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pioneering leadership and strategic investments that are fueling New York’s global recognition as the epicenter of nanotechnology innovation, CNSE is pleased to build on its research capabilities as the newest member of IBM’s Pre-TO Joint Development Alliance,” said Alain E. Kaloyeros, CNSE Senior Vice President and CEO. “Working closely with industry leader IBM and its alliance partners, particularly GLOBALFOUNDRIES, we look forward to enabling new innovations while driving nanoelectronics advances that are critical to supporting the needs of industry amid the technological revolution of the 21st century.”
In addition to IBM and CNSE, the Pre-T0 Joint Development Alliance also includes computer chip maker GLOBALFOUNDRIES, consumer electronics maker Samsung, semiconductor solutions supplier Renesas, and Geneva-based STMicroelectronics. “Pre-T0” is a term coined by IBM that refers to the point of transfer of innovation into actual computer chip prototyping and commercialization.
CNSE is the first and only university to join the prestigious alliance. As such, this announcement is further testimony to the global recognition of CNSE as an international innovation and education engine in the science and engineering of nanotechnology and nanoelectronics.
As a full participating member in IBM’s Pre-T0 Joint Development Alliance, CNSE researchers and engineers will collaborate with IBM and its alliance partners on the development of advanced nanoelectronics processes and devices at the 22 nanometer and 14 nanometer computer chip nodes, and beyond. Access to this shared platform will support CNSE’s engagements with New York high-tech businesses in enabling a variety of leading-edge applications and industries, as well as CNSE’s proprietary research projects.
Source: CNSE
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