Innovative graphene technologies: Developments and characterisation

(Nanowerk News) Graphene as a nanomaterial has created a unique place among the existing high performance materials. Being a member of carbon family, the expectation from this material is high. Several thousands research papers have already explored the possible applications of this material. However, actual commercial application of graphene has yet to appear.
Due to large volume of research publications that have appeared on graphene, the basic important information is hard to excavate. In order to collect vital information on graphene, this book – Innovative Graphene Technologies: Developments and Characterisation Volume 1 – is compiled in two volumes. Volume 1 is specifically meant for the beginners who want to understand the science and technology associated with the nanomaterial. The first objective of this book is to furnish detailed information on the manufacturing or syntheses of graphene and related materials in the lab without the need of special equipments. The chapters are written systematically so that it is easy to understand science, engineering and technology behind the material.
The second objective of this book is to deliver readers the information on different techniques used to characterise graphene and related materials. Content of the book is carefully designed so that readers can easily understand new technologies that are used to investigate graphene. The book is written for large readership including young scholars and researchers from diverse backgrounds such as chemistry, physics, materials science, and engineering. It can be used as a textbook for both undergraduate and graduate students, and also as a review or reference book by researchers in the materials science, engineering and nanotechnology.
Source: Rapra Publishing
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