Advancements and developments of solid-state nanopores sensors

(Nanowerk News) Researchers at National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC) in Bangkok and Imperial College London (Department of Chemistry) in United Kingdom have studied the advancements of solid-state nanopores for the purpose of highlighting selected developments that will benefit scientists.
An entire section of the study is devoted to highlighting various chemical and bio-molecular modifications and explores how these permit the development of novel sensors with specific targets and functions. The review is completed with a discussion on novel detection strategies using nanopores.
“The field of solid-state nanopores in particular is young and exciting” said Dr. Deanpen Japrung a member of the research team at NANOTEC. “Novel technologies are continuously pushing the limits and boundaries of fabrication methodologies and techniques that were born out of the semiconductor electronics industry. This momentum has been carried forward to state of the art fabrication techniques and newly discovered materials”.
The study was supported in part by a European Research Council starting grant and a Leverhulme Trust research grant.
The researchers reported their work in a paper published by Chemical Society Reviews ("Single molecule sensing with solid-state nanopores: novel materials, methods, and applications").
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