Nanotechnology and human health

(Nanowerk News) Addressing medium- and long-term expectations for human health, this book reviews current scientific and technical developments in nanotechnology for biomedical, agrofood, and environmental applications. This collection of perspectives on the ethical, legal, and societal implications of bionanotechnology provides unique insight into contemporary technological developments. Readers with a technical background will benefit from the overview of the state-of-the-art research in their field, while readers with a social science background will benefit from the discussion of realistic prospects of nanotechnology. The text also includes a glossary as well as extensive end-of-chapter references.
Table of Contents
Nanoengineering Overview
Nanomaterial Characterization and Metrology, Asmus Meyer-Plath and Florian F. Schweinberger
Biomedical Nanotechnology Overview
Nanoparticles: New Medical Potential—Today and Tomorrow, Tamar Chachibaia
Nanomaterials for Bone Reconstructive Composites, M. van der Zande, B. C. Chesnutt, X. F. Walboomers, and J. A. Jansen
Nanotechnology and Agrifood and Water
Nanotechnologies in Agrofood and Water, Frans W. H. Kampers
Nanofoods: Environmental, Health, and Socioeconomic Risks or the Achilles’ Heel of Nanotechnologies? Simon Beaudoin, Louise Vandelac, and Christian Papilloud
Bionanotechnology and the Environment
Benefits of Nanotechnology for the Environment, Danail Hristozov
Nanotoxicology Overview and Problems
In Vitro Study for Nanomaterials, Seishiro Hirano and Karim Maghni
Toxicokinetics and Interaction of Nanoparticles with Biological Matrices, Claude Emond
Environmental Fate and Ecotoxicology of Nanomaterials, Bernard Lachance, Mahsa Hamzeh, and Geoffrey I. Sunahara
Life Cycle Risks and Impacts of Nanotechnologies
Life Cycle Risks and Impacts of Nanotechnologies, Olivier Jolliet, Ralph K. Rosenbaum, and Alexis Laurent
Ethical Legal and Social Implications of Bionanotechnology
Anticipating Ethical Legal and Social Aspects of Emerging Technologies Gaps in Innovation Chain: The Case of Body Area Networks, Alireza Parandian
Capability Approach to Nanotechnology for Sustainable Development, Ineke Malsch
Conclusion, Claude Emond
Source: CRC Press
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