Graphene Stakeholders Association to hold inaugural event in October

(Nanowerk News) The Graphene Stakeholders Association (GSA) will hold its first event on October 17, 2013 at the University of Pennsylvania (see: The event will bring key graphene stakeholders together from around the world. The agenda will focus on important issues related to the explosive development and commercialization of graphene and graphene-enabled applications happening in laboraties, research institutions, and corporate organizations around the world.
Speakers at the GSA event in Philadelphia in October include scientists from The National Physical Laboratory, NIST, and Graphene Labs as well as CEOs and corporate leaders from emerging technology companies, including Graphene Technologies, Graphene Frontiers, Haydale and Xolve. The event is being held in conjunction with the 12th annual NanoBusiness Commercialization Association. Interested participants can register for the first annual Graphene Stakeholders Association event at the GSA's website.
"We have assembled a terrific and diverse group of speakers for the event who will be discussing a range of topics important to the GSA's mission of fostering the responsible development of graphene and graphene-enabled applications," stated GSA co-founder, Stephen Waite. "This is the first of what the GSA hopes to be many more events that brings key graphene stakeholders from around the world together to discuss key issues, challenges, and opportunities that organizations face in the development and commercialization of these exciting two-dimensional materials." says Waite.
Keith Blakely, CEO of The InVentures Group ( and GSA co-founder added: "Being part of the 12th Annual NanoBusiness Commercialization Association meeting is an ideal venue for the GSA's inaugural event. The commercial success of nanomaterials over the past decade, which the NanoBCA has helped foster and promote, has brought the world an amazing array of new products and capabilities ranging from new battery and solar materials to drug delivery and diagnostic tools. Graphene is just beginning its journey as an enabling material that will undoubtedly lead to new, disruptive products and capabilities in a wide range of applications, industries, and markets."
About the Graphene Stakeholders Association
The Graphene Stakeholders Association (GSA) was created to promote the responsible development of graphene products by supporting standards activities and fostering education and information exchange in an open-innovation forum. The GSA seeks to develop common and accepted nomenclature, definitions, standard metrology and testing methods, along with health, safety, and environmental standards by working collaboratively with international, national and industry-based organizations. The GSA also seeks to facilitate and promote developmental efforts and highlight successful commercialization activities through networking and partnerships, to monitor progress and develop action plans through regular web conferences and meetings, and to communicate the benefits and progress of the industry as a whole to public and private thought leaders and influencers including, where appropriate, governmental agencies and regulatory bodies. For more information, please visit the GSA's website:
Source: Graphene Stakeholders Association
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