New nanomaterial research in the Balkans

(Nanowerk News) Nanostructured materials are at the forefront of research and development of novel devices in a variety of fields. Serbian scientists exploited EU funding to significantly enhance their research capacity in applied nanotechnology.
The Nanotechnology and Functional Materials Centre at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade (NFMC FTM UB) is actively investigating inorganic materials, composites and polymers with an eye to applications. The centre was established from small independent research groups or individuals to create a critical mass to move these topics forward. NFMC FTM UB recently made a step change to its research capacity with EU funding of the project 'Reinforcing of Nanotechnology and Functional Materials Centre' (NANOTECH FTM).
New researchers, both experienced and young scientists, were brought onboard, ensuring an influx of scientific management expertise as well as cutting-edge research techniques. The incoming senior scientists have established important relations with top European and international investigators in related fields. Such networking with both labs and industry including EU-based industrial partners will continue to foster both high-level research in the European Research Area (ERA) and also increased visibility for NFMC FTM UB in the regional and international arena. The young scientists actively participated in research exchange programmes with partner institutions, receiving training and mentorship from the world's leading scientists.
Together with the purchase of new equipment, the team is in an excellent position to conduct novel experiments previously not possible at NFMC FTM UB. Funding was also exploited to communicate progress and activities. Two workshops and a conference were organised and scientists presented their work in peer-reviewed and popular science journals as well as through flyers and television presentations.
EU support of the NFMC FTM UB in Serbia has enabled an important increase in its research capacity. Enhancements encompass not only investigative techniques and equipment but also project management, scientific communication and networking. The quality and specificity of results has increased, as has the centre's position on the international stage. Numerous joint projects initiated within the context of the current one ensure continued progress and success.
Source: Cordis
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