EU nanotechnology project NanoDiode launches its project website

(Nanowerk News) The European FP7 Project NanoDiode has officially unveiled its website. Visitors will be able to find the latest information on what activities will be being done by the project around the EU, what publications are considered vital to an understanding, and betterment, of nanotechnology dissemination activities, and see how NanoDiode aims to inspire, educate, co-create and engage with society on nanotechnologies.
NanoDiode (Developing Innovative Outreach and Dialogue on responsible nanotechnologies in EU civil society) was launched in July 2013, and will run for 3 years. The project integrates vital engagement activities along the innovation value chain: at the level of research policy, research & development (R&D), and the diffusion of nanotechnology innovations in society. Importantly, it combines ‘upstream’ public engagement (by way of dialogues that integrate societal needs, ideas and expectations into the policy debate) with ‘midstream’ engagement (by organising innovation workshops at the level of the R&D practices that are at the heart of the research and innovation enterprise) and ‘downstream’ strategies for communication, outreach, education and training.
The consortium brings together a strong network of partners from various backgrounds and extending across Europe (representing technological and social research, industry, policy, civil society, education and media). Many partners bring their experience as coordinators or participants in earlier European nanoprojects within the NMP and Science in Society programme. This will allow the project to look back and identify best practices based on existing experience and make use of existing products and tools that have proven to be successful - and developing new, innovative models and tools for outreach and dialogue when necessary.
The project will also look ahead towards Horizon 2020 and operationalise the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation. As Horizon 2020 unfolds, the project’s findings will feed into nanotechnology policy debates, R&D, outreach and dialogue activities on nanotechnologies.
Source: NIA
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