'SimplyNano 1' experimental kit for schools now available in English and Russian

(Nanowerk News) The new "SimplyNano1" experimental kit is now also available in English and Russian in addition to German and French. Thus, the experimental kit is available internationally as nano-teaching tool to Anglo-Saxon and Russian schools. The new experimental kit "SimplyNano 1" was developed by the SimplyScience foundation together with The Innovation Society, St.Gallen and is already in use at over 600 schools in Switzerland. The case contains experiments from the world of nanotechnology, for example a LEGO model of an atomic force microscope with the corresponding software.
SimplyNano1 experimental kit
First multilingual Nano teaching tool for schools
Without doubt nanotechnology is one of the knowledge and research fields that will play a huge role in the future. There are already a number of consumer products (e.g.: cosmetics, textiles, etc.) on the market that contain nanoparticles. Moreover, there are already many nanotechnology applications for commerce and industry. Despite the importance of nanotechnology, until now there was a lack of teaching tools in schools. Therefore, the SimplyScience foundation developed together with the Innovation Society, St.Gallen the "SimplyNano 1" experimental kit. It comprises teaching materials, chemicals and laboratory materials for 8 exciting experiments from the world of nanotechnology. The topics nanodimension, reactivity of nanoparticles and nano-surfaces are presented clearly and simple.
The kit addresses students from 7th-10th grade, as well as vocational schools. The experimental kit should increase enthusiasm and comprehensibility of scientific-technical topics. In addition to laboratory materials, instructions for students, comments for faculty staff and presentation slides are available. All materials are focused on comprehensibility and attractive graphical material.
High demand for experimental kit and teaching courses
In the first edition of the "SimplyNano 1" experimental kit 850 kits were produced in German and French. In Switzerland the teaching tool is already used at 600 secondary schools. The response of teachers and schools is very positive and the demand is high. The experiments can be used in biology, chemistry or physics classes. The introduction of the "SimplyNano 1" experimental kit is accompanied with teaching courses that demonstrate the use of the kit. The participants of the courses are taught the phenomena of nanotechnology using easily understandable examples and experiments of the "SimplyNano 1" kit. After the course participants are able to use the experiments in the kit and can integrate them effectively in their classes.
Here is a link to the Russian language version of this video.
Nobel Laureate in Physics as an ambassador of SimplyNano 1
The Swiss physicist Heinrich Rohrer (1933 - 2013) received 1986 together with Gerd Binnig the Nobel Prize in Physics for the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope. With his microscope, nanostructures can be made visible. The "SimplyNano 1" experimental kit contains a LEGO ® model of an atomic force microscope. With this microscope students can scan a surface and are able to display it graphically with a software. Heinrich Rohrer committed himself not only to scientific work but also to education. Therefore he was engaged as an ambassador for the SimplyNano1 experimental kit and helped the teaching tool to its breakthrough in schools.
The "SimplyNano 1" experimental kits are produced on behalf of educational agencies and companies and are given to teachers for free during the courses. The project is funded by private companies and state education authorities. Production and distribution of the experimental kit are coordinated by the Innovation Society, St.Gallen.
Source: The Innovation Society
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