The 2nd NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter is out now

(Nanowerk News) This issue brings you news of the NanoTox 2014 Congress in Antalya in April, which inevitably has implications for current NSC activities, and so the Newsletter begins with the draft agenda for the NSC meeting to be held there.
The meeting will see the launch of the NSC Compendium 2014 -the unparalleled resource for all NanoSafety projects and initiatives. The 2014 Compendium will be even more comprehensive, with information contributed by the US Communities of Research and items related to cross-cutting issues.
This 2nd issue also contains updates from the Cluster Working Groups, introductory overviews of some new cluster projects, including NanoDefine, NanoREG, and FutureNanoNeeds. Be sure to read about the eNanoMapper Hackathon - a novel approach to a kick off meeting!
Output from two completed projects - NanoFORCE and NanoHOUSE - is provided, followed by the section reporting on the activities of current projects: don't miss “The Tiny Pitter-Patter of NanoTOES”
Following the updates and opportunities offered by NanoValid, NanoDetector and QualityNano, you can read the Special Feature ‘On Board the Graphene Flagship’, which describes the largest EU research initiative so far: a ten-year programme funded by a budget of over €1bn, and designed to cover the entire graphene value chain.
This 2nd issue also brings you details of the latest project publications, project meetings - including the joint QualityNano, NanoFATE and NanoMILE meeting and training events as well as key conferences and congresses of interest to the wider community.
How to Contribute
The next newsletter will be issued at the end of April/beginning of May 2014. You can submit items and images via the NanoSafety Cluster website.
If you have an item for inclusion in our next issue, we welcome news updates, research highlights, opinion articles, events announcements and features on issues of interest to the wider nanosafety community.
Suggestions for content and any feedback can be emailed to: [email protected]
How to Subscribe
The NSC Newsletter link is sent out quarterly to over 70,000 people, targeting all NSC project partners and relevant stakeholder groups across the globe, including researchers, industrialists, policy-makers, regulatory and standardisation bodies, SMEs and NGOs, and the wider general public.
Last but not least, thank you to everyone who has contributed and supported the production of this second issue. On behalf of Working Group 7 Dissemination, we hope you all enjoy reading the newsletter and find it informative.
About the NanoSafety Cluster
The NanoSafety Cluster is an EC initiative to maximise the synergies between the past, ongoing and future FP7 nanosafety projects. Each of these projects addresses key aspects of nanosafety, including toxicology, ecotoxicology, exposure assessment, risk assessment, standardisation, and mechanisms of interaction. There are currently almost 40 such projects, with new ones including ENanoMapper, NanoGUIDE, and MODERN taking lead roles in the NSC.
To improve coordination and communication between the large body of partners, there are now eight Working Groups. Regular meetings in person and online ensure that there are growing synergies between projects and project partners so that resources can be shared, duplication of effort can be avoided, and new developments can be expedited.
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