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Product: GreenCat

Manufacturer: VeruTEK

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Environment → Waste Water Treatment



GreenCat is a new and innovative green synthesized nano-catalyst; enabling Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT) to achieve rapid destruction of problematic organic and inorganic chemicals in wastewater and sludge; excellent efficiency for a wide range of applications.

VeruTEK applies breakthrough, green technology to achieve safe, lower cost wastewater treatment. Our GreenCat synthesized nano-catalyst is a new, innovative green approach to wastewater and sludge remediation.

The GreenCat solution provides:

* An Ecofriendly non toxic catalyst

* Rapid destruction of problematic organic and inorganic chemical toxins

* Advanced oxidation technology which generates free radical capable of treating a wide range of contaminants and toxins

Excellent project economics to quickly and cost effectively address many applications and environments including:

* Industrial Wastewater and Sludge - Organic Contaminants, Ammonia, VOC's

* Oil & Gas Production - Green cleanup of Produced Water

* Municipal - Sulfides, Ammonia, Organics, Oil/Grease

* Biological - Pre-Treat Toxics