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Product: Ecosphere Ozonix

Manufacturer: Ecosphere Technologies

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Product Sector: Environment → Waste Water Treatment



The Ecosphere Ozonix® Reactor Technology is a patented, advanced oxidation process that combines ozone generation, hydrodynamic cavitation, acoustic cavitation and electro-chemical decomposition in a reaction vessel to cost effectively treat contaminated flowback water, produced water, and industrial wastewaters.

Ecosphere Ozonix Reactor

* Super-saturated ozonated water is flash mixed with effluent using hydro-dynamic cavitation through a liquid sparger

* Dual-frequency ultrasonic transducers initiate the dissolved gas flotation of oils and suspended solids and the conversion of ozone to hydroxyl radicals

* In the presence of an ultrasonic cavitation field, Ozone decomposes into hydroxyl radicals and oxygen gas. The hydroxyl radicals oxidize all known organic compounds in a matter of nano-seconds.

* Nano-sized cavitation bubbles implode, providing a liquid-gas interface in a reaction that instantaneously heats the liquid-gas to as high as 900° F, which in turn oxidizes all known organic compounds in 35-100 picoseconds (a picosecond is one trillionth of a second). This phenomenon, known as sonoluminescence, plays a key role in removal of flowback water by-products, so water can be recycled and reused for the hydraulic fracturing process.