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Product: Super Hard Steel (SHS) Alloy Thermal Spray

Manufacturer: NanoSteel

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Product Sector: Construction → Steel → Wear Protection → Coating



Patented Iron-Based Steel Alloys for Wear and Corrosion

NanoSteel?s portfolio of patented steel alloys are are based on its award winning and proprietary Super Hard Steel® (SHS) technology.

Available in atomized powder, cored wire, and stick electrode forms, SHS alloys can be applied by HVOF and TWAS thermal spray processes and PTAW, GMAW, OAW and SMAW weld overlay processes for hardfacing and wear plate.

SHS thermal spray applications produce thin protective coatings from 5 - 30 mils in thickness. SHS weld overlays are typically built up to a thickness of 1/8? - 1/2?.

SHS thermal spray alloys feature a microstructure with grain sizes refined to a nanoscale (10 - 100 nm).