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Product: SANTE Nanoparticle Coating

Manufacturer: Cima Nanotech

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Product Sector: Energy → Energy Generation → Solar Cells



Self-Aligning Nano Technology for Electronics (SANTE™) Nanoparticle Coatings are Cima NanoTech's first commercial applications of an advanced nanoparticle and coating combination for use where high visible light transmittance and low resistivity is needed.

Our company's patented technologies allow silver nanoparticles to self assemble into microscopic networks providing simultaneous transparent and conductive networks.

SANTE Films offer industry-changing possibilities by replacing limited and costly conductive coatings with a new generation of electronic surfaces that not only provide comparable transparency, but ten times better electronic resistance. Further, in contrast with conventional brittle indium tin oxide coatings, SANTE Films are durable and flexible.

SANTE Technologies are Cost Effective

A unique self-assembly capability allows coated films to replace current flat panel display solutions such as copper mesh for EMI shielding while meeting or exceeding performance requirements. The process is simpler, faster and more efficient both because it requires less expensive material and because it replaces complex manufacturing processes with a simple coating procedure. The result is substantially lower manufacturing costs with minimal waste stream.

SANTE Coatings are Clean and Green

The SANTE wet coat process is an efficient, high speed additive procedure with high material and process yield and minimal material loss with conventional application.