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Product: ZERODUR Zero Expansion Glass Ceramic

Manufacturer: Schott

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Product Sector: Precision Engineering → Optics



ZERODUR Zero Expansion Glass Ceramic

ZERODUR is an inorganic, non-porous glass ceramic, characterized by a phase of evenly distributed nanocrystals within a residual glass phase. ZERODUR contains about 70-78 weight percent crystalline phase with a high quartz structure. This crystalline phase has a negative linear thermal expansion, while that of the glass phase is positive. The crystals have an average size of about 50 nm.

ZERODUR glass ceramic is an inorganic, non-porous glass ceramic and has a completely non-directional, isotropic structure. Due to the perfect balance of glass and crystal phases within the material, the thermal expansion coefficient is nearly zero. As the crystalline and glass phases have chemical characteristics and hardness similar to those of optical glass, ZERODUR glass ceramic can be processed using the same machines and tools as optical and technical glass (e.g. cutting, grinding and polishing).


SCHOTT Advanced Optics has the capability and experience of manufacturing ZERODUR glass ceramic in small components as well as in parts with weights of several tons with extraordinary reproducibility. We also offer a zero expansion material with outstanding 3D homogeneity.

ZERODUR glass ceramic has several outstanding properties including:

* High internal quality

* Low Helium permeability provides a longer life span for the components

* Can be polished to a very high accuracy

* Can be coated easily

* Good processing behavior

* Good chemical stability

Key Applications

ZERODUR zero expansion glass ceramic is the ideal material for applications, such as astronomy, lithography, measurement technology, mechanics and optical systems.