Nanotechnology Products and Applications

Our Nanotechnology Products and Applications database provides some examples of how nanomaterials and nanostructuring applications are used today in industrial and commercial appplications across various industries.
Please note: This is NOT a consumer nanotechnology products database that you can find elsewhere; so no antibacterial socks, bathroom cleaners, face creams, or pet products here...
We are not attempting to build a complete database of all things nano. The purpose of this database is to give you an idea of how and where in industry nanoscale materials, devices, structures and processes are being used. For instance, we are listing Intel's nanostructured Core Processor – but not the computers, like Apple's MacBooks, that contain these chips.
Please also note, that this database is a work in progress – we just started compiling this. If you would like to suggest products, please drop us a note with the appropriate links. Thank you!