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A technique to forecast ocean wave energy

Intermittency is one of the problems affecting renewable energies, including marine energy: sometimes there's a lot; other times it's in short supply. So to properly manage sea energy and incorporate it into the mains, it is helpful to know when the waves are expected to be bringing sufficient power.

Posted: Aug 31st, 2015

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New technology can expand LED lighting, cutting energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

Highly efficient, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) could slash the world's electricity consumption. They are already sold in stores, but more widespread adoption of the technology has been hindered by high costs due to limited availability of raw materials and difficulties in achieving acceptable light quality. But researchers report today that they have overcome these obstacles and have developed a less expensive, more sustainable white LED.

Posted: Aug 19th, 2015

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New technology could reduce wind energy costs

Engineers have developed a novel technique to predict when bearings inside wind turbines will fail which could make wind energy cheaper. The method uses ultrasonic waves to measure the load transmitted through a ball bearing in a wind turbine.

Posted: Aug 13th, 2015

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CO2 removal cannot save the oceans - if we pursue business as usual

Greenhouse-gas emissions from human activities do not only cause rapid warming of the seas, but also ocean acidification at an unprecedented rate. Artificial carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere has been proposed to reduce both risks to marine life. A new study based on computer calculations now shows that this strategy would not work if applied too late.

Posted: Aug 3rd, 2015

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Assessing the efficiency of solar-active-houses

Solar-Active-Houses heat themselves using heat collectors and water tanks. However, no one had conducted an objective assessment of how efficiently they do so. Researchers put some of these solar houses to the test, identified where there was room for improvement and laid the scientific groundwork for this housing concept.

Posted: Aug 3rd, 2015

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