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3D Printing: A look ahead through 2014

2013 was an outstanding year for 3D printing, with share prices of the listed companies doubling or more, conferences on the subject proliferating, and media attention exploding. So what does the year ahead hold for the industry?

Posted: Feb 5th, 2014

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3D bioprinting the human body - infographic

As well as delving into the processes of cell printing, this infographic also sheds light on the current problems with organ donation and the billions being spent on drug R+D each year.

Posted: Jan 27th, 2014

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Using 3D printers to create prosthetic limbs

A University of Toronto lab is partnering with an international NGO and a Ugandan hospital to use 3-D scanning and printing to speed the process of creating and fitting sockets for artificial limbs.

Posted: Jan 14th, 2014

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Fully functional loudspeaker is 3-D printed

Cornell researchers have 3-D printed a working loudspeaker, seamlessly integrating the plastic, conductive and magnetic parts, and ready for use almost as soon as it comes out of the printer.

Posted: Dec 12th, 2013

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GE announces winners of 3D Printing Design Quest

GE announced eight winners of its 3D Printing Design Quest, which challenged innovators to redesign loading brackets found on jet engines using 3D printing. The redesigned brackets reduce engine weight and fuel consumption.

Posted: Dec 12th, 2013

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