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New NSF research center aims to develop next-generation 'smart' lighting

The National Science Foundation is establishing a new Engineering Research Center whose goal will be to supplant the common light bulb with next-generation lighting devices that are smarter, greener and ripe for innovation. The core institutions in this prestigious award are Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the lead university, the University of New Mexico and Boston University.

Posted: Oct 6th, 2008

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Who is funding high tech university spin-outs and why

The EntreTech Forum's October 21st panel focuses on the Forum's core theme: Given the wealth of research and technology generated by our nation's leading universities, how does this academic strength translate into commercial strength?

Posted: Oct 6th, 2008

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International nanotechnology symposium on graphene devices

The International Symposium on Graphene Devices: Technology, Physics, and Modeling (ISGD 2008) in Japan in November aims to bring together the researchers actively working on the field of 'Graphene Devices: technology, physics and modeling' so as to stimulate discussions on the state of the art.

Posted: Oct 4th, 2008

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