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45-nanometer chips for ultra-fast WiFi

Powerful new radio technologies that promise blisteringly fast WiFi have been given a boost by a team of European researchers? cutting-edge work on miniscule microchips.

Posted: Jul 27th, 2009

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Strong growth forecast for nanotechnology food packaging

The applications of nanotechnology in the food and beverage sector are only now emerging, but these are predicted to grow rapidly in the coming years. Applications in this area already support development of improved tastes, color, flavor, texture and consistency of foodstuffs, increased absorption and bioavailability of nutrients and health supplements, new food packaging materials with improved mechanical, barrier and antimicrobial properties, and nano-sensors for traceability and monitoring the condition of food during transport and storage.

Posted: Jul 25th, 2009

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Reference materials for nanotechnology

The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Germany has compiled a website which lists all nanoscale reference materials that are commercially available worldwide.

Posted: Jul 25th, 2009

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Scientists unlock optical secrets of jewel beetles

A small green beetle may have some interesting lessons to teach scientists about optics and liquid crystals - complex mechanisms the insect uses to create a shell so strikingly beautiful that for centuries it was used in jewelry.

Posted: Jul 24th, 2009

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