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Waste not, want not: making new materials from waste

The textile industry generates enormous amounts of waste and is one of the largest consumers of water and energy resources. Research is looking at ways to reduce its ecological impact by using textile waste and design to develop new materials for the future.

Nov 15th, 2018

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New technique for turning sunshine and water into hydrogen fuel

Researchers have developed a new catalyst synthesis method that can efficiently decompose water into oxygen and hydrogen using solar light. It is expected that this method will facilitate hydrogen mass production due to higher efficiency than the existing photocatalyst method.

Oct 11th, 2018

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Barriers and opportunities in renewable biofuels production

Researchers have identified two main challenges for renewable biofuel production from cheap sources. Firstly, lowering the cost of developing microbial cell factories, and secondly, establishing more efficient methods for hydrolysis of biomass to sugars for fermentation.

Sep 11th, 2018

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Study examines pros and cons of hydropower

Hydropower can generate electricity without emitting greenhouse gases but can cause environmental and social harms, such as damaged wildlife habitat, impaired water quality, impeded fish migration, reduced sediment transport, and diminished cultural and recreation benefits of rivers.

Sep 6th, 2018

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