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A battery-inspired strategy for carbon fixation

Using a design intended for a lithium-CO2 battery, researchers have developed a way to isolate solid carbon dust from gaseous carbon dioxide, with the potential to also separate out oxygen gas through the same method.

Aug 9th, 2017

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How to dispose of bio-based plastics?

Bio-based plastics can be treated in different recycling and recovery streams. The preferred solution depends on the waste management infrastructure available in your country or region and the acceptance of the stakeholders along the value chain.

Jul 19th, 2017

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New hydrocarbon fuel cells with high efficiency and low cost

The commercialization of the 'natural gas fuel cell' has finally come to the fore, thanks to the recent development of electrode materials that maintain long-term stability in hydrocarbon fuels. Advantage of using this material includes that it uses internal transition metal as a further catalyst in a fuel cell operating condition.

Jul 18th, 2017

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