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Engineers 3D print smart objects with 'embodied logic'

Using stimuli-responsive materials and geometric principles, engineers have designed structures that have 'embodied logic.' Through their physical and chemical makeup alone, they are able to determine which of multiple possible responses to make in response to their environment.

Jan 15th, 2019

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Origami, 3D-printing merge to make complex structures in one shot

By merging the ancient art of origami with 21st century technology, researchers have created a one-step approach to fabricating complex origami structures whose light weight, expandability, and strength could have applications in everything from biomedical devices to equipment used in space exploration.

Oct 22nd, 2018

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The next step for 3D printing inspired by Nature

Researchers have developed a bioinspired approach to 3D print recyclable liquid crystal polymers (LCP) using conventional desktop printers that outperform state-of-the-art printed polymers and even rival the highest performance lightweight materials.

Sep 20th, 2018

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