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Looking to nature to 3-D print materials that resist flaws and fractures

Researchers created models that predicted the fracture response, fracture resistance, and durability of synthetic materials that arranged their ingredients in various natural and synthetic geometries. They show that they could efficiently 3-D print such materials, and that their model accurately predicted the resulting material's properties.

Jul 2nd, 2014

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A chair 3D printed with mushrooms

Studio Eric Klarenbeek is exploring ways of 3D-printing living organisms, such as mycelium, the threadlike network of fungi, in combination with local raw materials to create products with a negative carbon footprint.

Jun 27th, 2014

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3D bioprinting technique to build blood vessels

The researchers first used a 3D bioprinter to make an agarose (naturally derived sugar-based molecule) fiber template to serve as the mold for the blood vessels. They then covered the mold with a gelatin-like substance called hydrogel, forming a cast over the mold which was then reinforced via photocrosslinks.

Jun 1st, 2014

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