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NanoMech Wins Highly Competitive Department of Energy Grant

NanoMech Inc. has been selected for an award from the Department of Energy (DoE) to develop a nano-manufactured drop-in lubricant technology to dramatically reduce friction in engine components, in order to help save billions of dollars annually in fuel and maintenance costs.

Posted: Nov 20th, 2012

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HESS and Modumetal Nanotechnology Partnership Enters New Phase

Hess, a leading independent energy company, has given the go-ahead to Modumetal to proceed to Phase II of an initiative to measure the effective capability of Modumetal's nanolaminated alloys to enhance certain properties of steel that could have far-reaching implications in the oil and gas industry.

Posted: Nov 20th, 2012

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High Brightness Tetrapod Quantum Dots Developed

With this advancement, Quantum Materials Corp. Tetrapod Quantum Dots can be produced with a quantum yield greater than 80%, a brightness that increases the performance of this fluorescent marker alternative in biological assays and other applications.

Posted: Nov 15th, 2012

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Advantest Introduces New Wafer MVM-SEM Tool E3310

Leading measurement instrument supplier Advantest Corporation has introduced its new Multi-Vision Metrology Scanning Electron Microscope, the Wafer MVM-SEM E3310, which measures fine-pitch patterns on a wide range of wafer types with unparalleled accuracy, utilizing Advantest's proprietary electron beam scanning technology.

Posted: Nov 14th, 2012

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