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Closing in on a carbon-based solar cell

To make large sheets of carbon available for light collection, Indiana University Bloomington chemists have devised an unusual solution -- attach what amounts to a 3-D bramble patch to each side of the carbon sheet.

Posted: Apr 9th, 2010

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Self- and X-ray-induced crystallization of peptide nanostructures

Experiments can sometimes lead to the discovery of completely unanticipated phenomena. Such is the case with the remarkable behavior exhibited by peptide nanostructures (in the form of supramolecular filaments) observed during experiments carried out at the Advanced Photon Source.

Posted: Apr 9th, 2010

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Graphene advances toward next generation applications

The single-atom thick material graphene maintains its high thermal conductivity when supported by a substrate, a critical step to advancing the material from a laboratory phenomenon to a useful component in a range of nano-electronic devices.

Posted: Apr 8th, 2010

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