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Rapid nano molding

Researchers are using a new all-purpose nano synthesis method to design cancer-fighting nanoparticles.

Posted: Mar 29th, 2006

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Computer model maps strengths, weaknesses of nanotubes

In theory, carbon nanotubes are 100 times stronger than steel, but in practice, scientists have struggled make nanotubes that live up to those predictions, in part, because there are still many unanswered questions about how nanotubes break and under what conditions.

Posted: Mar 27th, 2006

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Modeling the chemical reactions of nanoparticles

For the past several years, scientists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory have been experimenting with new methods for preparing nanoparticles on metal supports, with the aim of creating model catalyst systems to better study the special reactivity of nano-sized catalyst particles.

Posted: Mar 27th, 2006

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First images of flowing nano ripples

Researchers have shed new light on the formation of nanoscale surface features, such as nano ripples. These features are important because they could be useful as templates for growing other nanostructures.

Posted: Mar 21st, 2006

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